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This is a Wikia that documents injustices in society and throughout the world, both large and small. We intend for topics to be wide-ranging, comprehensive, and cosmopolitan; including things like social, socioeconomic, political, humanitarian, legal, cultural, medical, and many more types of injustices. The goal and mission of the Wiki is to raise awareness toward all kinds of injustices, and to enable people to learn about them through documentation. Topics may become controversial and we intend to be inclusive of competing ideas, while remaining civil.

In many cases, articles in this Wikia may overlap with information on Wikipedia. In other cases, articles here might not be considered notable for inclusion on Wikipedia.

(Note: Not to be confused with the "Injustice: Gods Among Us" Wiki,

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To get started, see: Category:Types of injustices.

Please add any new injustice categories to Category:Types of injustices.

Please add every new article to at least one injustice category that is in Category:Types of injustices so that it can be found starting from Category:Types of injustices.

Article guidelines Edit

Articles should be notable and encyclopedic. Although this Wiki should cover a wide range of injustice-related topics, the topics covered should be matters generally of public concern. For example, if someone wronged you individually in some way, that is not cause to post the matter or any individual information on this Wiki, but if an experience made you realize an injustice that exists on a wider scope that is of public concern, then you can help the Wiki by posting about that topic in a generic sense and explaining how it is an injustice. Specific historical events and events in certain geographic scopes may certainly be injustices worth posting on the Wiki, and discretion should be used to keep the Wiki as encyclopedic as possible.

In many, if not all, articles, it is useful to present competing arguments for and against regarding the topic as an injustice. This helps create a total understanding of the subject from different points of view.

It is helpful to include lots of links to information on Wikipedia and other sources, especially to elucidate general definitions and provide context for things and ideas.

As a general guideline, articles should provide plenty of introductory background information as needed to create a rudimentary understanding of the subject, and then use this baseline to explain the injustice. Naturally, the articles should start with at least one sentence summarizing what injustice the article is about.

The Wiki rules and guidelines may evolve and be refined to make the Wiki as encyclopedic as possible.

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